Four Simple Exercises Just 3 Minutes Before Sleep To Slim Down Your Legs

Not everyone is inclined to exercise everyday. Most women face constraints because of family and work leaving little time to pay attention to themselves. However, if you know how to apply the right hacks to your life, you can easily sneak in that precise workout to get the desired effect on your body such as these easy exercises to slim your legs which can be performed just before you sleep. In fact, aren’t you habituated in putting your legs up on the wall while speaking on your cell to a friend? Why not get a workout in that time. It just takes 3 minutes.

Dedication and commitment is the key to working out

Dedication and commitment in fitness and exercise is important. Even though daily routine workouts may bore you, still you need to take a big time if you want that great figure. This is why workout experts like Tracy Anderson has developed the shortest of short workouts for women to slim down legs and burn those fat deposits from knees, inner thighs and calves. They also workout the front and back of your legs and are really short exercises that won’t take up your time. At the end of the article you will also find out how to prevent your legs from being fatigued and less puffy.

Let’s get started:

1. High-Knee exercises are great to start off with. Not only does it target your upper things but it tones your core, your buttocks, your calves and can even help increase your metabolism!

How to perform the exercise: Stand with: ” your legs about shoulder-width apart. Lifting one leg, bring your knee up towards your chest, holding for a second or two before lowering your leg back to the floor. Seems easy, right? Next, bring your opposite leg upwards in the same motion and continue to move back and forth between your right and left side.”

Don’t arch or round your lower back. Keep your pelvis stationary as an improper form can cause back strain. This exercise can help your inner thigh muscles and your outer hips too. Balancing on one leg helps your calf, quadriceps, hamstrings and buttock muscles on the standing leg.

2. Deep/Full squats are better for your knees, better activate the gluteal muscles and work your leg muscles better than parallel squats.

Research has proven there’s no difference between parallel and full squats, but full squats can help in knee stabilization when done correctly.

To do this exercise the right way, you almost need to take up a crouching position. You must keep your feet flat on the floor, or you’re not doing it right.

Deep squats can help strengthen the muscles in your ankles. It promotes good flexibility in the ankles and hips too. It’s especially good for your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and of course, glutes. It’s even been known to help lessen back pain.

3. Lateral leg raises have great strengthening benefits. According to Livestrong, this single exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups and offers numerous functional advantages. Although it appears quite easy to do, they stress the importance of proper form as it’s essential to injury prevention. Focus on keeping that one side of your body in contact with the ground, particularly from hip to ankle. Rest on your elbow, but ensure your back is in line with your legs. When raising your leg, lateral implies movement away from the midline of the body. So, keeping your core muscles tight, lift your upper leg about 45 degrees and lower it in a controlled, smooth manner. This can also be done standing, but lying on your side will increase ease and comfort. If you want to challenge yourself and do up-right lateral leg raises, your leg needs to move outward as opposed to when you’re lying down on your side and moving your leg upward. Stand up on your right leg with your back straight and keep your knee slightly bent. Holding your left foot a few inches off the ground, lift the leg as high as you can and work towards 45 degrees with the floor. Lower it back to the starting position and repeat. An important tip is to rest your hands on your hips or the ground (when in a lying position) to prevent your arms from becoming involved or utilized in the exercise.

4. Inner thigh lifts (pictured below) will tighten and strengthen your inner-thigh muscles. The purpose if this exercise is to tone the upper portions of your legs, abs, and butt along with the inner part of your thigh.


– Get into the initial position of laying on your back, with arms on your side and your legs raised.
– Now cross your legs, keeping your right leg over your left one. Tense up the muscles in your legs and make sure they stick to each other. There should be no gaps. Keeping your legs crossed, bend your knees in the plié position, stretching them back up to the initial position.
– You’ll need to repeat it 10 times with your right leg over the left one and 10 times with your left leg over the right one.

Pro Tip:

You will need to tense up the muscles in your legs during each rep and make sure they stick together.
While doing this exercise, you’ll feel pressure in your legs and knees – that’s when you’ll know you’re doing it right.
Not only can these exercises turn you into the leggy lass of the town, they can also help you if you have swollen legs and varicose veins. Try these exercises and see the difference in your legs for yourself.

Four Simple Exercises Just 3 Minutes Before Sleep To Slim Down Your Legs


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