Heavy Metal Detox: Recipe That Will Give Your Body A Lift

Many people have an excessive amount of heavy metals stored in their body, contributing to disease and symptoms. It’s not hard to have heavy metal toxicity just think about what we’re exposed to in our air, water and food:

  •  Mercury from our water, thermometers, thermostats and teeth amalgams
  •  Lead from pipes, drains and smoldering materials
  •  Arsenic is released into the environment in the making of chemicals and glasses, and by the smelting process of copper, zinc and lead
  •  Countless more heavy metals enter your body via exposure to pesticides, batteries, steel, alloys, dyes, and steel.

Large amounts of these metals in the body lead to toxicity, and greatly impact your mental health, the proper functioning of vital organs, lead to fatigue, and according to many researchers, many serious diseases like Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, heart disease, malignancy, emotional problems, chest disease, weakened bones as well as kidney illness.

Heavy metals don’t easily leave the body unless specific steps are taken to remove them. We are going to now existing you an inexpensive and efficient method to have the benefits of Cilantro, which can be utilized on a daily basis.

Take a handful of organic, organic cilantro, mix this in a food blender and add this to your daily smoothie. You may also put sliced cilantro within the dishes.


  • Half a mug of sliced raw, natural cilantro
  • One teaspoon associated with natural wheatgrass powder (you may use other eco-friendly cosmetics instead)
  • Half a mug of organic apple fruit juice
  • Half a cup of drinking water


You just need to combine all ingredients in a blender, blend them nicely, and enjoy your smoothie!

Heavy Metal Detox Recipe That Will Give Your Body A Lift


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