My Clothes Were Never So White and Fresh After Washing until I Find Out About This Trick!

Your laundry might seem clean when you take it out of the laundry machine but unfortunately that is not always the case. That is because a lot of us forget to clean the machine. As a result, the soap residue stays behind and turns into mould. That won’t keep your clothes clean, now will it? Luckily, we have found a way to easily clean your washing machine.

Does your washing machine have an odd odor without any laundry? Then this is a sign you should clean it thoroughly. That smell is caused by bacteria that like to reside in moist environments and your laundry machine is the perfect spot to do so. All of the bacteria can also damage your machine. That is why we really recommend to clean your laundry machine every month.

Below you can see a few simple methods which will make your clothes whiter than ever and keep them white and fresh for longer.

Method #1

Take 6 aspirins and crush them, then include them to a bigger bowl of water. Mix well until the powder dissolves, then take your stained white clothes and soak them in the mix. Leave them in for half an hour before cleaning them as normal. Take them out and they’ll be whiter than ever.

Method #2

Add some vinegar and lemon juice to your favorite detergent, then give your clothing a wash with it to remove the yellow shade and any stains as well.

Method #3

Add a cup of baking soda in 4 liters of water, then soak your stained white laundry in the mix. Leave it in for at least an hour, then give them a wash. Try this method and your laundry will be whiter than ever!

My Clothes Were Never So White and Fresh After Washing until I Find Out About This Trick!


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