Top 10 Foods that Help You Smell Nice

Do you ever feel uncomfortable because of the way you smell? Having bad body odor can be embarrassing. While our smell is primarily dictated by genetics, it can also be caused or amplified by the food we consume.

Here is a list of foods that most affect your body odor. Read on to find out which foods are okay and which ones are better to avoid before going out on a date.

1. Water vs beer

Drinking water helps the body flush out toxins that cause bad body odor. While drinking beer might seem to be a good way to relax after a day at work, it can cause bad body odor as some of the alcohol seeps out through the pores of the body.

2. Milk vs Yogurt

Milk contains choline, a compound that gives a nasty odor. On the other hand, yogurt contains lots of vitamin D which fights mouth bacteria and make you smell pleasant.

3. Lemon juice vs wine

Drinking wine might seem like a good way to enjoy your evenings, but a hangover from over-consumption of alcohol is not the only bad effect as you might have to go a day with your body smelling like alcohol. Try drinking lemon with water instead. Lemons help to detox the body due to its high antioxidant properties, while the water in the juice flushes out the toxins released.

4. Herbal tea vs coffee

Herbal tea is a great source of antioxidants. The fewer toxins the body has, the better it will smell. Coffee or any caffeinated beverage on the other hand can cause acrid body odor.

5. Apple vs cauliflower

Apples contain natural detergent properties and can help you fight bad breath. Cauliflower contains choline, a compound that can make your body smell really bad.

6. Pumpkin vs Orange

Pumpkin contains choline and can make you smell bad. Oranges on the other hand, smell amazing and they get easily absorbed into the body, improving its odor.

7. Garlic and Onion vs Cardamom and Cinnamon

Cardamom and cinnamon not only make food tasty but they also make you more desirable by giving you a fresh and pleasant long lasting odor. Conversely, garlic and onion contain organic sulfur compounds which get metabolized and eliminated primarily through pores in the body causing bad body odor to emanate from the body.

8. Celery vs asparagus

Celery will make your body release pheromones which will make you more attractive. Asparagus will not make you that attractive since consuming it can cause your body to smell bad.

9. Red Meat vs White Fish

Eating fish is not only healthier than eating red meat, but will also make your body to have a nice odor.

10. Pumpkin seeds vs Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds help to improve your digestive health and aid in the process of removing bad odor-causing toxins from the body. Pumpkin seeds contain high choline levels and is a known bad odor-causing agent.

Bonus: Eat in moderation

While having bad body odor might seem embarrassing, the food items that have been recommended to avoid eating might still have nutritional value. Skipping these foods altogether might not be the best idea. It is advisable to eat all green vegetables, fruits, and dairy products but in moderation. After all, you are the best judge to decide what’s best for your own health.

Making a choice between eating your favorite food and smelling good might be a difficult one.

Top 10 Foods that Help You Smell Nice


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