You Should Drink Magnesium for 7 Days, Here’s Why It Would Be The Best Decision You Will Ever Make!

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Magnesium has become an increasingly popular supplement, taken by many people worldwide. In case you suffer from insomnia and anxiety, you may want to start taking Natural Calm, a popular magnesium supplement. You should also slowly transform your eating habits, remove processed foods and gluten, and eat more whole, organic foods. Also, get regular exercise.

Here Is Why You Should Take Magnesium:

Nowadays, a large number of people experience magnesium deficiency. About 80% of people are not getting enough of this mineral from their diet. That’s why magnesium deficiency is the main cause of some of their health issues.

People who have started taking these supplements in order to optimize their magnesium levels in the body claim that they have experienced miraculous effects in terms of their health.

The two main symptoms of magnesium deficiency include anxiety and insomnia. Magnesium aids the brain to relax, so you can enjoy your sleep, and it is essential for the central nervous system.

It is recommended to start with a half teaspoon and gradually increase the dosage, in order to prevent loose stools or constipation. You should also try to find an ionic magnesium form, as it will boost its bioavailability.

As explained in the Natural Vitality’s brochure on their product: An ionic mineral is an element that has a charge, either positive or negative.

On the molecular level, that means the element has either one too many or one too few electrons. This unstable ionic state allows the element to bond readily with water, making it possible for the body to absorb it.

Just dissolve half a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of hot water, as the hot water will accelerate the chemical reaction needed to bind the magnesium carbonate and citric acid together to create magnesium citrate.

Drink it right after the fizzing ends, and it is best to do it before going to sleep. You can add a squeeze of lemon to enrich the taste.

First of all, you should know that the body will only absorb so much of any nutrient at one time, and it can take a while to build levels back up and start treating the symptoms.

If you start taking magnesium daily for a week, you will experience the following effects:

Day 1: You should take your first 1/2-tsp. in a glass of water and add a bit of lemon juice before going to bed.

Day 2: The next day, you will feel more calm than usual. In case you do not experience any side effects, you may want to elevate your dosage to 1 tsp.

Day 3: After a good night’s sleep, you will wake up with a more positive attitude. You may also feel much more in control of your emotions. You may also be less anxious.

Day 4: You will get restorative sleep, as well as you will feel calm, relaxed and anxiety-free.

Day 5: You will also feel more energized.

Day 6: You will enjoy a healthy, 8-hour sleep, and everyone around you will feel your positive energy.

Day 7: You will feel like a different person! Calm, relaxed, happy, and energetic! After the 7th day, you can increase the dosage to 2 teaspoons daily.

Tips on How to Get Started Taking Magnesium:

First, you should take a water soluble magnesium supplement. Start with ½ tsp. diluted in some hot water because hot water can accelerate the chemical reaction needed to bind the citric acid and magnesium carbonate together to create magnesium citrate. When the fizzing stops, you can consume your magnesium beverage. In case you are using the unflavored variety, you can add a bit of lemon juice for flavor.


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